Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I can do anything...

I am a firm believer in "signs from the Universe" (Or God, depending on your beliefs). If I am hit over the head with something repeatedly I take notice. Now, I say repeatedly because sometimes the Universe has to make it painfully obvious that I am getting a sign. Considering I have seen the quote above about 100 times, in rather obscure places, over the last few days, I am taking it as a sign and making it my new mantra. I even printed it out and put it above my desk.

I have always been a believer of doing "everything". I have tried every craft and almost all of the jobs that I have been interested in. I have degrees in both Psychology and Computer Science. My minors included Philosophy, World Religions and Technical Writing. I just want to do it ALL! Unfortunately, that makes me a "jack of all trades, master of none."

As I get older, I have realized that I have to settle down if I want to actually do something with my life. Steve's surgeries has made that even more clear. On a typical day presurgery, I would have about 20 things on my to do list. Each one of them set to priority 1. After Steve's surgeries I became pretty upset that I couldn't get to even half of my list.

Even as of last week, I had more on my to do list than there was time to do it. After being hit on the head by the Universe, I decided to sit down and decide what is important. I chose three areas of my life that I want to excel in -- my writing, organizing my household and my health -- then I made 10 goals for the week.

Now, as I drink my coffee in the morning, I review my weekly goals and look at my to do list. If the list item fits with my goals, I set it to priority 1. Otherwise, it gets a 2 or a 3. Then I get to work on my priority 1 tasks. If I get them done, I go on to priority 2 tasks, and so on. Eventually, I am going to have to decide if the priority 3 tasks should even be on the list, but I'm not ready for that yet.

So, do you have a mantra or motto? If so, what is it?

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