Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I Resist Counseling (and Why I'm Going)

Ever since Steve's third surgery, it was suggested that I go to counseling. I do recommend counseling for anyone in a similar situation. Heck, I recommend counseling for anyone who lives with a bipolar individual. There is a lot going on there that you should really get expert advice on.

Anyway, no matter how often it has been suggested to me, I smile and say "thanks" and then walk away. It's not that I don't think I need it, I'm just pretty sure I'm not going to agree with/like what I hear.

I know, I know, you don't go to counseling to like what you hear. But, I've been through counseling, I usually don't agree with what they say. And, I have yet to find a counselor that truly understands the reality of the situation.

Here's what I don't agree with--

You have to take a break -- Umm, yeah, so, no. I'm a freelance writer with a very active one year old child (and two very active older boys) and a partner who can't drive or do much heavy duty housework. I also have a very large yard that takes at least 3 hours a week to maintain. I am on the move from sun up to sun down. Taking a break puts me exponentially behind.  No, thank you.

Have family come in to help -- Our family has busy lives of their own and already help out whenever they can. Steve's mom lives with us. So, this is one is already working as well as it can.

Hire help -- Are you going to pay them?

You can't do it all -- Well, if I can't, who is going to?

There are a thousand and one more reasons that I avoid it, but those are the big ones.

Recently, I've been given the chance to attend counseling again and I'm going to take. For exactly the last reason that I listed above. I'm failing at doing it all. I'm constantly yelling and snipping at my family. I'm forever tired and I have no goals or priorities.

This time, I sincerely hope that I can get more out of it than past experiences. If someone could just help me find my priorities and set realistic goals, I will be happy. I need the help and I understand that. I am going to try to go into this with an open mind and hopeful heart.

Are you resisting counseling? If you are or have gone, how has it helped you? What have you taken away from it?

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